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USA 34

United States NACRA 17 TEAM

We are Carson Crain and Lindsay Gimple - two American sailors competing  to get to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in the Mixed Multihull sailing event. We train hard, sail fast, and race to win. 

The Team

The Boat

the BoaT

The Nacra 17 was designed to be a high-powered performance catamaran specifically meeting the World Sailing requirements for the Olympic multihull event.  In its current configuration, the Nacra 17 is fully foiling upwind and downwind, with speeds that can reach 25+ knots. 

  • Boat Length: 17.2 ft / 5.25 m

  • Beam: 8.5 ft / 2.6 m

  • Mast Height: 30 ft / 9.15 m

  • Sail Area: Main (172ft² / 16m²), Jib (43ft² / 4.05m² ), Spin (192ft² / 17.8m²)

  • Boat Weight: 381lbs / 173 kg

  • Ideal Crew Weight: 310lbs / 140kg

  • Foils:  carbon t-rudders with elevators, Z shape foils

Hull Fly
Control Lines
The Olympics

the Olympics

The goal is to represent the United States in the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, otherwise known as Paris 2024. Sailing will have 10 events with 330 sailors, with equal numbers of men and women. We aim to be two of those sailors and are on the path to qualification


THe Dates

Sailing at the Olympic Games is scheduled for July 28th to August 8th, 2023. The Nacra 17s will race August 3rd to August 7th.

Marseilles Port

The VenuE

While the official location of the 2024 Olympic Games is Paris, all sailing events will take place 660km away in Marseille, France,  on the Mediterranean Sea.

20230425_144244 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

The Event

The Mixed Multihull event is raced in Nacra 17s  with a crew of 1 man, 1 woman. This foiling catamaran discipline has it all - dual trapezes, spinnaker, and serious speed.

USA 34 Finals-1.jpg


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