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We need your help to achieve our goals! Support comes in many forms, like following our journey, lending a hand with logistics, and making a financial contribution to our campaign. American sailing athletes at the Olympic level are expected to cover their own campaign costs. This differs from many of our international competitors, who receive significant financial support from their national federations or government to fund their training. Our operating budget is entirely funded through private donations and corporate sponsors. As athletes, we are responsible for securing the financial backing that is crucial to realizing our Olympic goal.

Our costs include coaching fees, purchasing and maintaining equipment, travel expenses, groceries, insurance, and much more. Our ability to train and compete at an elite level is directly tied to your support. We are so grateful for your contribution!

We are partnered with Ragnots Amateur Sailing Association, a  501(c)3 sailing foundation (74-2300536 Tax ID number) that allows us to accept tax-deductible donations via physical check. 100% of the donations through RASA go directly to us to cover campaign expenses like travel, coaching, shipping logistics, and event entry fees. To make a donation via Ragnots, please use the following format:


Ragnots Amateur Sailing Association


Ragnots Amateur Sailing Association
3620 Miramar Drive
c/o Houston Yacht Club
Shoreacres, TX 77571



Thanks for getting in touch!

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